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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home workstation

Well, as a MTG player that is searching through the internet for ways to help me to strengthen my deck without first buying the cards because I want to see first the way it will function on my deck so before when ever I thought of something that might work on my deck, I would first buy the cards that I saw in the MTG websites like, these sites help me a lot.

But, when I found out about this great tool that I'm writing about it became my favorite application I'm talking about MTG workstation this tool helped me a lot in designing my decks and also in pin pointing what should be done in order to strengthen my deck before I could purchase the pieces, because for me I would like to purchase the right pieces for my deck so it would run the way I like it.

This application also helps players in building their decks and also the online feature of this tool let's you test play the deck that you have constructed in this tool with everyone on the internet, I mean you can actually play against a real person and also with different decks which is so cool and It's a great thing that I have found this one out, because it's a real help and it is also fun to play with your friends on the internet.

Here is the site for this tool, if you are interested just click on the link and just read on how to install it, the tool is not so big it is also downloadable and the system requirements on this tool is also not that high you just need a secure Internet line for some online play test's.

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