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Friday, October 19, 2007

Merefolk Trouble.......

I have encountered an interesting deck while play testing my elf deck with my officemates new deck an amazing "Merefolk Deck" which is also a discarder of your library, When we first played our cards having an aggro green deck that has mana producing elves I was confident in attacking as fast as I can but when his setup was complete, I was powerless he keeps on gaining life while forcing me to discarding a number of cards in my library where in it is the number of Merefolk he taps.

I don't know what to do up until now, I keep on think what to do to kill it and to prevent that gruesome fate to happen to me over and over again, so I decided to speed up my elves deck and pump them up as fast as possible, but due to the lack of funds for cards (laughs) I still have to wait to purchase some cards that I need.

Wizards of the coast made Lorwyn a great expansion for some of us players that owns a tribal deck, and it is very nice to see other players being dragged into the tribal theme of Lorwyn, I think in my next deck I would probably purchase a "Kithkin Deck" but first I have to fix my elf deck and my mono red deck which I'm thinking to make a "Red Elemental" deck but I still don't have any ideas for it.

If I will play in any FNM (Friday Night Magic) Tourney, the "Merefolk" Deck would be my nightmare up to this time, I still can't figure out a way to kill it even though I speed - up the flow of my elf deck I think I can't still beat this deck, because this deck is a library discarder and a life gainer for the player that uses it but I know there is a way to kill it and I'm determined to find it's very weakness.

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